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  • Where to Eat in Montgomery // Vintage Year, Alabama Local Restaurants

    You know I love finding THE best restaurants when I travel, and, while one wouldn’t think to look in Montgomery, Alabama for a vibrant food scene, I had an inside source who pointed me to Vintage Year. My inside source is my best friend from high school, guys. I’m not gonna play like that.

    You can never go wrong with complimentary bread. Served with truffle butter. Ahhhh, yeah.

    I tried several of the cocktails, starting with this, the Show Thyme, feat. Cathead Honeysuckle, Honey and Thyme Syrup, Lemon & Soda. However, I honestly would skip it next time, as it was a bit bland compared to the other cocktails on the menu. Perhaps I was expecting the honey & thyme syrup to be more prevalent.

    Who would have thought that an Heirloom Tomato could be it’s own starring dish? Served with two different cheeses–fresh mozzarella & little moo, along with the thickest strip of bacon you ever did see, the tomatoes are both local and surprisingly flavorful. Oh, and let’s not forget the bacon fat toast. MMMk.

    The Sazerac = Espolon Reposado + Turmeric + Pineapple + Citrus + House Salt Rim. The tumeric made me a little nervous, but our server recommended it and it was a really intriguing combination savory and sweet.

    The oysters were large and in charge (of flavor, that is), sourced fairly locally from Murder Point, Alabama. If you love a fresh, non-fishy, non-metallic tasting oyster, these babies are for you. I was so sad when I finished my half of them!

    The beer selection is local and craft, like the Kiwi Kölsch from Cahaba Brewing Company, out of Birmingham, Alabama, who my dining partner (& inside source) referred to as a great palate cleanser.

    When our server mentioned Vintage Year’s James Beard Foundation Blended Burger Project award winning burger (not on the dinner menu), we obviously had no choice but to order it. Made with a blend of 75% local Alabama-raised Wagyu beef and 25% cremini and oyster mushrooms, and topped with an apple fennel coleslaw (very fennel-y indeed), Bibb lettuce, sorghum and hickory glaze, and a garlic and lemon aioli, this sustainable burger is unbelievably juicy AND full of rich flavor.

    The paprika in the fried oysters supplies a perfect palate pepper balance, and the pork belly lardons are like flavorful little bits of chunky crispy bacon.
    As is usually my recommendation, make sure to get a little bit of everything in each bite for the maximum flavor combination benefit :)

    The Wynonna = Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka + St. Germain + Plum Bitters + Stone Fruit Syrup + Club Soda.

    It is very strong on the stone fruit (the sliced pear at the bottom of the glass was simply delightful) and oddly tastes surprisingly like bubble gum. Definitely on the sweet side (despite the inclusion of plum bitters), and definitely worth the try because, well, bubble gum cocktail.

    While we dined indoors, Vintage Year does have a cute little al fresco dining option which is worth mentioning.

    Cheers to a fantastic meal in Montgomery, Alabama.

    Vintage Year is located in the Old Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery, in a cute space with LOVELY al fresco dining available. You can find them at 405 Cloverdale Road, Montgomery, AL 36106. Check out there updated seasonal menus on their website HERE!

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