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  • Bella Vita with @ChelseaPatricia Instagram Live Series for April & May 2020

    Tomorrow will be the launch of my very own Instagram Live series–eeeeee! I have had a lot of time to think lately (haven’t we all), and one of the things I have been musing on is that fact that I am thankful to know, either through social media or through real life meeting, a whole bunch of talented and knowledgeable individuals.

    I reached out to several of these individuals to ask them to talk about some interesting topics that may prove valuable in this weird time in human history: topics ranging from art, writing, cocktails, and recipes to physical and mental health and wellness. I do so hope you’ll tune in with us to learn something, stay inspired and be entertained!

    My blog name is a combination of belissima, which means “beautiful” in Italian, with my name, Chelsea. Spinning off of that concept, I have decided to name my Instagram live series Bella Vita which means “beautiful life” in Italian. The series isn’t niched down to any one genre–I want to explore all facets of this “beautiful life” with you. As an aside, I named is Bella Vita instead of Beautiful Life because every time I say it I start singing that Ace of Base song. You know the one.

    I will be creating countdown timers in my stories that you can save to set yourself a reminder (I literally just learned yesterday that this is a thing), and you can even share it to your own stories for your friends to join in, too! All you do is click on the little arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the countdown timer and follow the directions from there!

    We will be going live every Sunday at 1:15est and Tuesday at 4:15est for the foreseeable future. I will update this list as I fill the schedule out. I will hopefully also be linking to archived footage as we go along :)

    UPDATED: All episodes are past, and those that have a permanent place in my IGTV have been both linked and embedded for your viewing pleasure.


    Sunday 05/24 at 1:15

    Creative At-Home Abdominal Workout with Nina Balan, Former professional ballroom dancer and certified personal trainer (CPT) to be.

    You can watch this episode on Instagram HERE.

    Tuesday 05/26 at 4:15est

    Mindful Eating Practices with Lena Franklin, mindfulness-based psychotherapist with a Bachelor’s in Science and Masters in Social Work.

    View this episode on Instagram HERE

    05/17 at 1:15

    Creativity through Covid with Nikki, who holds an MFA from the University of New Orleans in Creative Writing. We talk inspirations and creating art for yourself.

    You can watch this episode on Instagram HERE.

    05/12 at 4:15

    Frozen “Disney” Dole Whip Cocktail Recipe with Anne Merrill, a professional wine human

    05/10 at 1:15

    Stress Coping Skills and Sleep Habits with Physical Therapist, Micah Hilton

    05/05 at 4:15est

    Tackling Stress with Art and Overcoming Creative blocks with painter Lynne McDonald

    05/03 at 1:15est

    Science, Biology, & Long-Distance Running with Brandon, who is earning his MPH, Master of Public Health. Also featuring a simple “how to” live foam rolling session.

    04/26 at 1:15est

    I asked Christina to take us through a simple yoga flow. I know that I for one, not a yogi, get overwhelmed trying to doing yoga on my own, so Christina is creating a yoga flow that will be simple, easy to remember, and useful daily to combat stress, anxiety, and sleep issues.

    Do you have a topic request or suggestion? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to DM me on Instagram, and I will do everything in my power to make it happen!

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