Chick-Fil-A Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese Hack // High Protein, Low Calorie Fast Food Option

The main things I track in terms of nutrition on a daily basis are calories and protein. Low calorie/high protein meals are my jam, and I am always looking for that 10:1 or better calorie to protein ratio. In my head, if I can hit that, then the food is basically like a protein bar.

For this hack, your macros don’t end up that good, but really close. For the grilled chicken option, we are talking 425 calories and 36 grams of protein, so about a 12:1 ratio–AND IT’S COMFORT FOOD! This is honestly a great leg or glute day meal.

The order is super simple:

8 count chicken nuggets
Zesty Buffalo Sauce
Small Mac n Cheese

Mix em all together. Shred the chicken first, then mix together the buffalo sauce with the chicken to fully coat it, then mix the buffalo chicken in with the Mac N Cheese. And that’s it. Easy peasy!

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