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  • Best Brunch Restaurant in New Orleans: Soubou NOLA in the French Quarter

    Read through all the way to the end for the VIDEO featuring babeilicious Bella Blue’s burlesque moves and ALL the food and fun and music!


    WELCOME to Sobou in the New Orleans French Quarter. The restaurant of the W Hotel French Quarter, you definitely don’t have to be staying there to enjoy this dining experience.

    We went for brunch, which is super special, because on Sunday (check times before you go, and, honestly, go ahead and grab a reservation because it’s so damn cool that you wanna make sure you get it), Sobou hosts “Legs & Eggs,” a Burlesque brunch featuring a live jazz/Dixie band AND local, CLASSY Burlesque dancer Bella Blue, making your brunch and cocktails that much sweeter.

    Seriously, don’t even thank me later. Thank me now. Let me show you why….


    DSCF8043 (2)

    Cocktail focus and pride. The bartenders and the head of the beverage program all share the same passion for producing cocktails that are either unique or the perfect rendition of a traditional drink, or both (yes, it’s possible).


    For instance, the highball ice for drinks like the classic New Orleans Vieux Carre or a go-to traditional Old-Fashioned starts with this block of ice, hand-chiseled down…every time for every drink. Talk about dedication to craft. It’s also pretty cool entertainment at the bar.



    And, yup, I definitely got cold little ice pieces splattered all over me shooting this. Refreshing.


    And, voila!

    DSCF8084 (2)

    So, one thing about me is this–I am happiest while photographing and being photographed. I see light and color in terms of photographs everywhere I go….luckily, my brunch companions know this about me and didn’t find it off at all (or, you know, not odd FOR ME) for me to go off on a cocktail photo shoot before even placing our orders. They were very patient with me.

    Like I said, Sobou is connected to the W Hotel in the French Quarter via a gorgeous courtyard and brightly colored (my fave) pool area.


    This courtyard, though.


    Double-fisting, Elegantly.



    I don’t even know what drinks I ended up with here, but the one on the left as fresh rosemary, and doesn’t that just sound splendid.

    DSCF8181 (2)

    Mardi Gras colored edible flowers :)



    This one is called the Honey Buzz Milk Punch, and is made with (and I kid you not) Honey Nut Cheerio infused rum, honey syrup, holiday pie bitters, and milk. AND, YES, it is that good.


    My dress, by the way, is by Missguided, purchased from ASOS. Yes, it’s wrinkled–full disclosure–we went out dancing the night before and I didn’t have time to steam it before brunch. Real life stuff, ok?



    We went on the weekend before Mardi Gras, so I had to incorporate some of those decor elements.



    Miss Bella Blue, Burlesque extraordinaire. Such a FUN experience. And actually not awkward at all (let’s be honest, that was a slight fear)!

    best burlesque brunch in new orleans french quarter travel blogger

    Okay, so, one of the coolest things here, at least on the Brunch menu, is that your meal purchase is a 3-course offering, of your own choosing. The options ranged from $28-$35 a person, which includes your appetizer, entree, AND dessert offering. It’s just FANTASTIC.


    Now, on to the glorious food…Appetizers up first:

    Buttermilk biscuit donuts with smoky bacon served atop a mild cream cheese frosting.


    Soup du jour–don’t remember what kind it was but it was good :)


    Cochon de Lait Tamale, with pickled red onion, roasted jalapeno, and cilantro crema. And yep, it’s topped with a pork rind. Right on!


    Roasted Andouille Deviled Eggs served with Crystal hot sauce aioli.

    best brunch in new orleans french quarter travel blogger

    I am honestly not sure exactly the name of this–it arrived at the table while I was doing my cocktail shoot in the courtyard, but they are basically like a Mimosa Screwdriver hybrid shot. Oh, yeeeeah.

    best brunch in new orleans french quarter travel blogger

    best brunch in new orleans french quarter travel blogger

    On to the main course. So, you’ve tried the Southern favorite weird combo of Chicken & Waffles, right? Well, first up is a Sobou original take on this: Crispy Fried Quail & Pepper Jack Cheese Cornbread Waffles, topped off with a poached egg and Crystal hot sauce hollandaise.

    best brunch in new orleans french quarter travel blogger


    This is the Blackened Redfish with wild mushroom risotto, butternut squash puree, and blue crab & truffle consomme.

    This was my own order, and I was delighted with the heartiness of the dish as a whole (the redfish was well-seasoned, for sure) and the richness of the risotto (risotto is such a great comfort food, in my opinion)…I think largely due to the inclusion of the butternut squash filling it out.


    The Buffalo Trace Bourbon Braised Short Rib sitting atop a bourbon-glazed crispy sweet potato pie and topped with red onion jam and sharp white cheddar.



    And then there was dessert…

    The Chocolate Coma Bar, featuring a dark chocolate fudge brownie, white chocolate mousse, salted caramel & candied pecans, and covered in milk chocolate ganache.


    Plaquemine’s Parish Citrus Biscuit Parfait with rum macerated satsumas, Navel oranges, Meyer lemons, and crushed candied pecans.


    It was honestly too tart for my liking, but Marc LOVED it. To each his own taste, indeed.


    And finally, my own order (you know I like it sweet), the Pecan Pie, Not Pie, which is a deconstructed pecan pie at the bottom of the jar, with a big ole layer of peanut butter mousse (so rich and SO. Damn. Delicious.) topped with chocolate AND a pork cracklin. The pork cracklin was an unexpected savory addition which I paced myself through, having a small bite with each bite of the rest of the dish.


    AAAAAnd, here is the full video, you guys! ENJOY!

    If you are traveling to New Orleans, do yourself a favor and make a brunch reservation on Sunday at Sobou. If you’re not traveling to New Orleans, welllll, maybe you should.

    A couple more helpful tips:

    #1 Sobou offers validated valet at the end of your meal, so feel free to drive, park with the Valet between Sobou and the W Hotel, and not deal with the whole French Quarter parking situation.

    #2 There are envelopes in the center of the tables…be sure to put a little cash in there and slip it to Bella as she dances on by you.

    Feel free to DM me on Instagram with any other questions in regards to Sobou, or post them below!


    Would you be interested in any other travel tips in New Orleans? Stores I enjoyed walking through, craft boozy coffee options, etc?

    LET ME KNOW in the comments below!

    Again, and as always, LOVE YA!

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    1. Todd Decker
      03.16.18 / 7:51 PM

      Everything looks really good. My only drawback would be having the biscuits as a dessert item. For me to sweet to start the meal with. But very well written article. Hopefully one of these days I can enjoy the food. Chef Todd

    2. Douglas
      03.16.18 / 8:43 PM

      I would try ever single dish. Haha

    3. Nemo boardrider
      03.17.18 / 4:40 AM

      This is an amazing review! The colors, the food the fashion! Just WOW! I’m ready to book a flight! Delicious!

    4. Justin
      03.28.18 / 4:46 PM

      Definitely going to check this place out my next trip to NOLA! Great Review!

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